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Mailman mailing list manager

Mailman allows you to send emails to any list of users or subscribers.
It’s a very powerful software, which allows you to finely manage your subscribers and your lists parameters.


  1. A list name on a server cannot be reused for another list (even on another domain name) on the same server.
  2. The administrative interface of the lists is a little bit more complicated since the interface is not really user-friendly. Furthermore, some translations are not really good...

Let’s see how mailman is working:


Before you create a new list, you will have to know some informations about it.

  • What’s the precise aim of this list
  • which kind of list will it be ?
    • public
    • private
    • archived
  • who will be your subscribers
    • can they subscribe, are they moderated, will the messages or subscriptions be confirmed (or not) ?
    • If the subscribers can send an email to the others (or not)?
    • If the subscribers can ask to receive the mails as digests (every week or so, to be configured) or as soon as they are posted ?
    • When a subscriber replies to a message from the list, shall the reply be sent to the sender or to the list ?
    • If the non-subscribed users can send a mail to the list or not
    • If a subscribers receive its own messages or not
    • If a subscriber can send attachments to the list or not
  • the list administrator
    • If he is uniq or not.
    • If there is moderators on the list or not
    • If the messages shall be approved before being sent to the list (or not)
    • If the administrator must be warned when someone subscribe or unsubscribe from the list (or not)
    • If the administrator must be warned when a message has been put on hold or refused (or not)
  • Misc.
    • The maximum size of a message
    • The welcome message
    • The periodic password reminder
    • The header of each message sent to the list
    • The footer of each message sent to the list
    • Public web pages